5 Raspberry Pi tutorials to inspire DIY creativity

Did you just receive a new Raspberry Pi as a gift? Or do you have a few that are collecting dust? Your search for DIY inspiration ends here with these delightful Raspberry Pi tutorials!
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'Tis the season for holiday pies and tasty treats, so why not talk about every open source enthusiast's favorite hardware delight: the Raspberry Pi. This year, Opensource.com contributors put in work on how to use the Pi for all sorts of cool projects and use cases. (Did you see the one about creating your own holiday light display with ping pong balls?) From business solutions to just-for-fun projects, these articles will show you a brand new way to use the Raspberry Pi in your life.

Data logging on your Raspberry Pi

Stephan Avenwedde shows how he uses a Raspberry pi as a datalogger. In this deep dive on using your Pi with a little bit of Python, he gives some great insight on how to monitor temperatures within your Pi’s CPU. You’ll get a helpful on-demand spreadsheet on how your Pi is performing. This article also provides you with essential visuals and code to help get you started on this project and possibly help you expand further!

Get students excited about math with the Raspberry Pi

Don Watkins decided to reimagine math with the Raspberry Pi to get more students interested and excited about math. He shares his story of talking to some students he is teaching in the local library. When asked about his success in math, he explains how he wasn't successful until he found the Turtle module in Python. From there, Don shows readers how to use Turtl and the mu-editor. Providing code snippets and visuals, he is able to give students an exciting entry into math with the Raspberry Pi.

Use the Raspberry Pi to power your business

Early in 2022, Giuseppe Cassibba ran this article with ideas on how to run your smart office. He dug into what it means to have a smart office and the benefits of using the Raspberry Pi to power it. Smart offices can be daunting if you are worried about the price, but the Raspberry Pi mitigates that concern. 

Run your blog on a Raspberry Pi

In this article, Martin Anderson-Clutz covers how to use Drupal and Raspberry Pi as a web server to host your personal blog. Martin writes about why he opts to host his own web server (spoiler alert: it's free), then dives into setting up the Pi, installing Drupal, and getting started with network security. 

Happy Raspberry Pi Day 2022

What better way to celebrate Pi Day than to recap all of the cool Raspberry Pi tutorials available? This article lists 22 things to do with your Raspberry Pi in 2022. Did you get to do all of them? If not, 2023 is your year! If you're looking for some home projects, check out how to make your own thermostat. Wanting to branch out to something more adventurous? Try tracking aircraft with your Pi. For the productivity chaser, try creating your own trading bot with Pythonic. Whatever it is you choose to do, these 22 project ideas will rev up your creative energy. 

Now that you have had a glimpse of all the project ideas for your Raspberry Pi, it's time to get started doing it yourself. Let 2023 be the year you contribute a tutorial to the list. 

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