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The Raspberry Pi is a miniature computing platform inspiring a new generation of coders and tinkerers. Read our <a href="/resources/what-raspberry-pi">what is a Raspberry Pi</a> resource page to learn more.

HiFi vintage stereo

Play music for your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else with an inexpensive audiophile setup.
Vector, generic Raspberry Pi board

Install Ceph storage using ceph-ansible and deploy it in a Raspberry Pi cluster.
Vector, generic Raspberry Pi board

Find some great new projects for your Raspberry Pi from the year's top articles.
Raspberries with pi symbol overlay

Since Arm processors are "first-class citizens" in OpenStack, and Raspberry Pis are built on Arm, why not combine them?
Gift box opens with colors coming out

The latest Raspberry Pi bundles the microcomputer inside a keyboard for ease of use, portability, and performance.
Houses in a row

Set up an inexpensive home security system to alert you when someone is lurking around your house.
An intersection of pipes.

Assembly language offers special insights into how machines work and how they can be programmed.
Working from home at a laptop

Handle all your complete device updates, including firmware and bootloaders, over the air with UpdateHub Community Edition.