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Raleigh, NC

I am a writer, musician, programmer, husband, and father. I read way too much, and probably write too much as well - but my passion is transfer of information, so that's okay. :)

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Gnome 3 vs. Gnome 2 vs. change

Exploring different desktops is a good thing. I’ve recently converted to GNOME 3 ("hallowed be its Name in all the earth, etc.") and I admit freely to enjoying it (a lot). I…

Lab of the dead

I’ve wasted a few hours finishing an odd game called “ Lab of the Dead,” a game in which you play a scientist doing experiments on zombies in an attempt to find a cure for…

I miss E-mail

I miss asynchronous conversation. I miss the ability to have an actual thread of thought preserved in something less ephemeral than memory, or in some chat log somewhere on…

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Paul, fair enough! There's really no problem with that - there's room for all kinds. For me, though, I don't like the inability to develop longer thought lines. I like the focus things like twitter provide, definitely, but once given the thesis that twitter forces upon us, I prefer to be able to work through it in detail.

There's a lot of room for open source hardware design - for example, I find myself lusting after an open source guitar. One example is; there're others (including and others - more than I expected, really!)