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Tokyo, Japan

Ron McFarland has been working in Japan for over 40 years, and he's spent more than 30 of them in international sales, sales management training, and expanding sales worldwide. He's worked in or been to more than 80 countries. Over the most recent 17 years, Ron had established distributors in the United States and throughout Europe for a Tokyo-headquartered, Japanese hardware cutting tool manufacturer. More recently, he's begun giving seminars in English and Japanese to people interested in his overseas travels and expanding business overseas. You can find him on LinkedIn.

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Even in developing countries, the sharing business model is starting. Take a look at "Hello Tractor" for agriculture in poor communities:

Great article Jen. Your idea of TUV (trapped value and untapped value) is an important one and really got me thinking.
I look at trapped value is a person having and knows he/she has useful skills that for organization benefit from but for one reason or another is not being applied. But to me, untapped value is the real interesting one. Imagine an organizational environment in which a person can discover useful skills and talents he/she didn't even knew he had. That could be extremely inspiring.