Our top open organization stories of 2020

5 stories about open principles changing organizations in 2020

Open principles are reshaping our organizations. These stories—our most-read of the year—explain how and why that's happening.

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The Open Organization community published more than 30 articles at Opensource.com this year (to say nothing of the books we released, too). That's 30 new case studies, interviews, tutorials, and book reviews showcasing the ways open principles are impacting organizational culture and design.

Choosing a favorite seems like an impossible task. But our data have revealed the five most-read pieces of 2020.

Did you miss one? Catch up using the links below.

And we'll see you in 2021, when the conversation continues.

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How to identify and utilize the role of a clear-headed, storyteller on your team.
Carrot on a stick

An examination of common work misconceptions and how open organizations are often ahead of the curve.
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Open organizations reward initiative. For leaders with anxiety, that may fuel some exhausting patterns.
Blocks for building

A community of practice can kickstart innovation in your organization. Here's how to build one—and ensure it thrives.
Open source prescription.

Successfully addressing shared global problems requires open source—both principles and code—to foster innovation quickly and bridge gaps in effective remote collaboration.

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