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Laura Hilliger is a writer, educator and technologist. She’s a multimedia designer and developer, a technical liaison, a project manager, an open web advocate who is happiest in collaborative environments. She’s a co-founder of We Are Open Co-op, an Ambassador for, is working to help open up Greenpeace, and a Mozilla alum. Find her on Twitter and Mastodon as @epilepticrabbit

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To echo Jen, thanks for sharing your struggles, I identify with all the things, Sam. Me too. Same. Yes to all of the coping mechanisms! For self awareness + anxiety – Something that has helped me is the ability to connect my anxieties to their origins (e.g. "When I was a kid this happened and that's probably why I feel X"). Understanding where the anxieties comes from helps me reality check.

One of the other things the Open Decision Framework helps with is conflict resolution, actually. In communities that are new to open source, there's a learning curve. Open collaboration is the antithesis of what we're taught to understand about business. Our social and cultural norms are often competitive. It's wonderful to have a resource to reference if people "forget" themselves a little and let those human egos get the better of them.