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New York, NY, USA

Alexandra Machado is an Engineer, MSc in ICT and MBA with a passion for technology as a means to make our lives easier and the world a better place. Born and raised in Margarita Island, Venezuela, and currently living in NYC, she considers the world her home as she has lived in 9 different parts of the world and speaks fluently 6 languages. Picking a technology career was inspired by picking a professional journey that could connect the world, and that is what technology does when used for good. She has been a consultant and done specialized design support in the telecom space before completing her International MBA in Shanghai, NYC and Boston. When she joined Red Hat over 5 years ago she found a perfect match in the open source world and that connection to technology as an open platform for good. She started her Red Hat journey in the Services organization as a Delivery manager and then a Consulting Sales Manager for North America covering +80 accounts across the NE region, while ideating and creating our Red Hat Social Innovation Program. She now leads full time the Red Hat's Social Innovation program that connects nonprofits to the power of open source and creates long term cross sector partnerships where Red Hatters could contribute their open source skills to impactful social causes. She enjoys quality time with her husband while traveling to remote and exotic places, enjoying great food and wine, and enjoying the livelihood of her current cosmopolitan city home, New York.

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