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3 tips for transforming into an employee-centered workplace

Employee-centered workplaces are the future. But we won't get there if we aren't open.
Tips for finding partners open enough to work with you

Your open organization will need external partners to succeed. How can you make and maintain the...
Making pay transparent at Basecamp retains talent

Making salary calculations clear reduces turnover—and just makes people happier.
Writing a handbook for achieving openness at scale

We're launching a community book project aimed at collecting the best case studies and exercises...
Sparking change with less pain: An open approach

Digital transformation demands a new approach to change management. Openness provides it.
What does the manager of an open team do, anyway?

"What would you say you do here?" My answer involves three principles for open leadership.
Digital transformation's people problem

Digital transformation involves technologies and humans. Unfortunately, we tend to ignore the...
Organizational identity in an age of global collaboration

The hacker ethic says we should value solving problems more than preserving institutions. But then...