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Join the open organization community conversation about open organizational design and culture. Read more about the ways open principles like transparency, collaboration, and community are changing the way we work, manage, and lead.
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To create innovative and engaged organizations, you'll need to set the conditions for open leaders to thrive. This checklist can help.
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Do our global development practices respect planetary boundaries? Greater transparency could provide insight.
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Relying on snap judgements and purely rational decisions isn't the best way to cultivate trust, empower people, and create open environments.
Leaders are catalysts

Your organization's leaders likely know the most effective and innovative path forward. Are you giving them the space they need to get you there?
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How can managers empower other managers to lead with open principles in mind?
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Contributing to open source requires transparency, collaboration, and honesty. These same qualities can help you avoid getting overwhelmed at work, too.
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Over the next half-century, our work environments will change. How can you plan to change with them?
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In the future, we could be working in environments full of fragmented attention and extreme isolation. Are we prepared?