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Introducing the Open Organization Workbook

Learn how to create a culture of innovation in your organization by reading the sixth volume of the Open Organization book series. Download now.

Improve your communication skills: Why developers need details and executives want bullet points

In open organizations, lines of communication move in unconventional directions. Do you know how to...
arrows cycle symbol for failing faster

The roots of our global engagement crisis run deep. Jim Whitehurst does some digging.
1776 and Red Hat bring together top "open" thinkers

Washington D.C.-based incubator 1776 and Red Hat brought together some of the top thinkers and...
Transforming agile people beyond the digital

The 2017 Red Hat Culture Survey found that digital transformation is changing business inside and...
Ship sails in the sky

Is your organization more like a sailboat or a speedboat? Your answer reveals the assumptions you...
Give the gift of revealing your insecurities

High-trust environments develop when we're open about the things that make us uncomfortable.
What your organization needs: A Silicon Valley-like ecosystem

Open organizations could be more innovative and engaging if we infused them with self-organizing...
Collaboration is mandatory for innovative cultures

When leaders stop worrying about organizational friction, people interact more and innovation...