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Join the open organization community conversation about open organizational design and culture. Read more about the ways open principles like transparency, collaboration, and community are changing the way we work, manage, and lead.
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Working openly presents unique challenges—and benefits—for neurodivergent colleagues.
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Disclosure can be difficult for managers. But for those trying to lead openly, it's necessary for building more inclusive workplaces.

Here's an overview of September's new releases on OpenOrgTV.
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How can managers know if other leaders are cultivating an open culture? Ask the people they impact every day.
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By sensing and responding to an organization's cultural norms, open leaders can achieve a great deal.
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Constructing your meetings with open organization principles in mind can help you avoid wasted time, effort, and talent.
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To enhance team dynamics, open leaders can study the implicit social norms that guide members' behaviors and decisions.
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One-one-one meetings are opportunities for growth. But that's only possible if you're transparent and collaborative about them.