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How can open communities compensate contributors monetarily without crowding out intrinsic motivation? Let them take what they want, says Chad Whitacre of Gratipay.
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Meritocracy 2.0: A framework for decision-making
Defining "meritocracy" can be difficult. But the concept is integral to the open organizational model, so the work seems necessary. DeLisa Alexander explains how Red Hat is tackling it.
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When open source and Drupal expert Dries Buytaert was asked for advice on promoting innovation, his advice was simple: Look to open source projects as models.
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OpenOrg Field Guide
We're pleased to announce The Open Organization Field Guide, a community-produced companion to Jim Whitehurst's The Open Organization.
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Working in an open organization means actively addressing everything that prevents collaboration. It means, as Sam Knuth says, "putting the moose on the table."
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Open Organization book cover stacked
In the Open Organization book club this week, writer Scott Nesbitt examines "Chapter 3: Building Engagement."
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The most revolutionary ideas can also be the oldest ones. Jason Baker explains what open organizations can learn from cooperatives.
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Recently, General Electric representatives visited Red Hat's Atlanta offices to learn more about open organizations. Our conversation was enlightening—for both sides.
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The Internet Engineering Task Force calls its standards publications "requests for comments." The same should be true for every action in an open organization.
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Red Hat intern Meggie Milbauer discovers that life in an open organization isn't anything like the movies.
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