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Open source and science take many of the same approaches to investigation and discovery, making them natural allies. Learn more about the intersection of open source and science in these articles.

Fire pink flower in Maggie Valley, NC

PlantNet combines open source technology with crowdsourced knowledge to help you become an amateur botanist.
Math formulas in green writing

If you're looking for scientific computing software, but can't afford the leading proprietary solution, check out these open source options.
Empty plastic water bottle on sand pollution trash

OpenLitterMap empowers people to map and share data on litter problems in their communities.
Open source stars.

Stargaze from your Linux desktop or Android device with KStars.
Stack of books for reading

The open access eLife journal introduces Executable Research Articles, enabling authors to publish more transparent, interactive, and reproducible research.
Science lab with beakers

Review finds significant cost savings when using free and open source scientific hardware over proprietary equivalents.
solar panels in sunlight

Many sustainability efforts can use open source philosophies and tools to grow and enact real change on a global scale.
magnifying glass on computer screen

The non-profit scientific research publication platform eLife recently announced the Reproducible Document Stack (RDS).