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Open source and science take many of the same approaches to investigation and discovery, making them natural allies. Learn more about the intersection of open source and science in these articles.

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The non-profit scientific research publication platform eLife recently announced the Reproducible Document Stack (RDS).
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This course teaches them how to set up a GitHub project, index their project in Zenodo, and integrate Git into an RStudio workflow.
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Learn more about this tool for modeling a variety of natural and social phenomena.
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African school uses open source tools and principles to prepare underserved students for future-focused careers.
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What does an open source approach to environmental research look like?
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Traditional contracts hamstring research collaborators by increasing costs and delaying investigations.
Open innovation

Open source platform for improving hearing aids uses a BeagleBone Black for its next iteration.
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Create interactive, shareable notebooks with live code, equations, visualizations, and text using Jupyter.