Lauren is the managing editor for When she's not organizing the editorial calendar or digging into the data, she can be found going on adventures with her family and German shepherd rescue dog, Quailford. She is passionate about spreading awareness of how open source technology and principles can be applied to areas outside the tech industry such as education and government.

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One chair on a sandy beach

Download one of our free guides to build a Python-based video game, get organized with open source tools, work on your home automation project, or experiment with your Raspberry Pi homelab.
Puzzle pieces coming together to form a computer screen

Let's break free from the technical vs. non-technical labels in the tech industry in order to be successful.
Family learning and reading together at night in a room

These open source boredom busters will keep kids of all ages busy having fun.
Twitter birds

Influential and inspiring developer advocates, sysadmins, and open source leaders to follow in 2020.
Old UNIX computer

Take our poll to let us know what programming language you learned first. Share your earliest programming memories in the comments.

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Filing cabinet for organization

I try to use Ansible often, even for tasks that I know how to do with a shell script because I know that Ansible is easy to scale.
Community awards

Thank you to all of our community members.
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We asked our community to tell us about their experience with terminal emulators. Here are a few of the responses we received. Take our poll to weigh in on your favorite.