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What's your favorite terminal emulator?

We asked our community to tell us about their experience with terminal emulators. Here are a few of the responses we received. Take our poll to weigh in on your favorite.

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What's your favorite terminal emulator?

Preference of a terminal emulator can say a lot about a person's workflow. Is the ability to drive mouseless a must-have? Do you like to navigate between tabs or windows? There's something to be said about how it makes you feel, too. Does it have that cool factor? Tell us about your favorite terminal emulator by taking our poll or leaving us a comment. How many have you tried?

We asked our community to tell us about their experience with terminal emulators. Here are a few of the responses we received.

"My favorite terminal emulator is Tilix, customized with Powerline. I love that it supports multiple terminals open in a single window." —Dan Arel

"urxvt (rxvt-unicode). It's simple to configure via files, is lightweight, and readily available in most package manager repositories." —Brian Tomlinson

"gnome-terminal is still my go-to even though I don't use GNOME anymore. :)" —Justin W. Flory

"Terminator at this point on FC31.  I just started using it but like the split screen feature and it seems light enough for me. Investigating plugins." —Marc Maxwell

"I switched over to Tilix a while back and it does everything I need terminals to do. :) Multiple panes, notifications, lean and runs my tmux sessions great." —Kevin Fenzi

"alacritty. It's optimized for speed, implemented in Rust and generally feature packed, but, honestly speaking, I only care about one feature: configurable inter-glyph spacing that allows me to further condense my font. I'm so-o hooked." —Alexander Sosedkin

"I am old and grumpy: KDE Konsole. With tmux in it if session is remote." —Marcin Juszkiewicz

"iTerm2 for macOS. Yes, it's open source. :-) Terminator on Linux." —Patrick Mullins

 "I've been using alacritty for a year or two now, but recently I started also using cool-retro-term in fullscreen mode whenever I have to run a script that has a lot of output because it looks cool and makes me feel cool. This is important to me." —Nick Childers
"I love Tilix, partly because it's good at staying out of the way (I usually just run it full screen with tmux inside), but also for the custom hotlinking support: in my terminal, text like "rhbz#1234" is a hotlink that takes me to bugzilla. Similar for LaunchPad issues, Gerrit change ids for OpenStack, etc." —Lars Kellogg-Stedman
"Eterm, also presentations look best in cool-retro-term with Vintage profile." —Ivan Horvath
"+1 for Tilix. It’s the best for an option for GNOME users, IMO!"  —Eric Rich
"urxvt. Fast. Small. Configurable. Extendable via perl plugins, which can make it mouseless." —Roman Dobosz 
"Konsole is the best, the only app I use from KDE project. The highlight of all search result occurrences is a killer feature which afaik does not have any other Linux terminal (glad if you prove me wrong). Best for searching compilation errors and output logs." —Jan Horak
"I use Terminator in past a lot. Now I cloned the theme (dark one) in Tilix and I didn't miss a thing. Is easy to move between tabs. That's all." —Alberto Fanjul Alonso
"Started my journey in using Terminator, I have since (in the past 3 years or so) completely switched over to Tilix." —Mike Harris
"I use Drop Down Terminal X. It's a very simple extension for GNOME 3 that lets me have a terminal always at the stroke of a single key (F12 for me). And it also supports tabs, which is kind of all I need." —Germán Pulido
"xfce4-terminal: wayland support, zoom, no borders, no title bar, no scroll bar - that's all I want from terminal emulator, for everything else I have tmux. I want my terminal emulator to use as much screen space as possible as I usually have editor (Vim) and repl side by side in tmux panes." —Martin Kourim

"Fish! Don’t ask! ;-)" —Eric Schabell

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