What's your favorite tool for remote team collaboration?
Whether you work remotely from across town or across the globe, collaboration tools are the key to getting things done with the rest of your team. Which tools are your favorite? Here are some of ours.
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Poll: How do you abbreviate system administrator?
Friends, I have sad news. This week the editors of Opensource.com decided to make a small—yet painful, at least to me—change to our official style guide. Going forward, we will treat "sys admin" as "sysadmin." I'll admit that a little piece of me died as I updated our style guide, reluctantly... Read more
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Vim or Emacs?
It may be 2016, but among many developers and system administrators, the editor war is still alive and well. Vim (and vi) or Emacs: Both have strong followings, and of course, plenty of people use something else entirely. Which do you prefer?
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Linux containers are definitely attracting a lot of attention as cloud-native alternatives to virtual machines for application isolation and deployment, but where does your company sit on the adoption spectrum?
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Arduino or Raspberry Pi?
So you want to get started with hobbyist electronics? The world is rich with options, two of the most prominent being the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino. But which one makes sense for you?
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Where do you back up your data?
Nobody loves performing backups: they're often the last thing on your mind, an annoying task you think you can put off until tomorow. Even automated backups take some initial setup and cost. But to anyone who has ever suffered a catastrophic system failure or even just the slip of an errant delete... Read more
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Virtual machines
Most people who use computers understand at least the basics of how they work. There's the hardware, that actually does the computing; an operating system, that sits on top and serves as an interface between the computer hardware and the programs run by users, and then the actual applications we... Read more
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IoT Devices
The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the way we interact with the world around us. A whole host of devices are becoming smarter, more connected, and better able to anticipate our needs. Whether in the form of wearables, home automation, connected cars, or business asset tracking, every... Read more
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answers from the cubicle
Your Linux distribution of choice says a lot about you. Of course, one of the many great things about Linux is the diversity of options you have to choose between. Maybe you like a slimmed down minimalist option. Maybe having all of the bells and whistles is important to you. Or maybe you just... Read more
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As Al Sweigart explains in his article I am already a zygote. Is it too late for me to learn to program?, you're never too old to learn how to program. And we should think twice before being intimidated by folks who say they were programming before they started walking—that doesn't mean they were... Read more
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