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The Raspberry Pi is so accessible and affordable, and that means it can be easy to start a collection, even unintentionally. There are now nine different boards available, and amazingly all of them are still useful for something. Being so low-powered and easy to maintain, they have a surprisingly long shelf life, and a continual ability to keep working on whatever set of tasks it's been set up to do.

Have you already stock-piled the newest Raspberry Pi 4? Do you have a drawer full of Raspberry Pi boards eagerly waiting to be used for a fun project? Is your home automation system powered by multiple Raspberry Pi computers? If you're a seasoned Raspberry Pi user, you may have too many to count.

On the other hand, the Raspberry Pi offers a great way to introduce others to the world of open source. Whether someone is learning Linux, web development, game programming, or just wants to try out a low-powered free desktop, the Raspberry Pi has something for anyone curious about emerging tech. If you have people like that in your life, then you may not own many Raspberry Pis because you're too busy giving them away as gifts!

If you haven't had the chance to try out a Raspberry Pi for yourself, we have a cheat sheet to help you get started. With all of the project tutorials out there, the possibilities are endless.

What do you want to do next with your Raspberry Pi?

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I personally don't have any Raspberry Pi, but have 3 Beaglebone Black boards. Simply because they don't need non-free blobs to even boot up.

I also have a beagle bone black and 4 pocket beagles (left, as I once had six), in addition to my 6 Rpis; and I prefer the BBBs

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I want to say that about my PCs... I do have a couple of old Thinkbooks with Libreboot. Learning the vulnerabilities of UEFI on PC firmware kept me awake that night.

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Ten. Five 2B's, three 3B's, and two 3B+'s.

I have way too many to even start counting them. All kinds of variants since the first one released. Using them for all kind of purposes; access points, smart home controllers, cybersec, Mycroft, webcams, etc. I've tried alternatives but always reverted back to the Pi due to stability, community and support.

I have ten.

I have a fairly early model that's just gathering dust somewhere.

6 Pi -- 1 original, two 2s, a 3 and 2 Zero W.
Plus a LePotato and 3 FriendlyArm ZeroPi that I just picked up on sale ($7 each!)

I have 9 Pi's, ranging from the very first 512Mb Ram model B to 2x V3 and ZeroW models. Only 4 are actively in use at the moment.


I have a Pi 3B for a Sunfounery PI car my 12 year old nephew and I are building. I have A Pi zero W. I use with a SDR and a new PI 4 2gb on the way.

3x running OctoPrint
1x running temp/humidity sensor for our ball python (Monty) with a custom hat I made
2x doing real-time market and stock watching with LED screen and some RGB lights as quick indicators.
1 x running my mini arcade
5 in various build stages for personal and commissioned projects
2xstill wrapped in plastic

I used to use Arduino but a) I'm much better at python (I teach AP CSP and run a small data management and analysis consulting firm) b) I find the prototyping hats MUCH easier to work with. Most of my projects are one offs BUT I want them to feel and look finished so I usually like to solder everything up!


As I type this I'm streaming music from a Plex server running on a Raspberry Pi that lives in my living room.

Over 20; a few model 1s, two or three model 2s, lots of threes, three 4Bs and a load of zeros.

I have 9 for some reason.

I own 2 Pi's. One Pi 3B and one Pi Zero W.

Nine used for many different jobs from servers to temperature sensors.

I think I have 15, plus an original Pi, a couple of 3s and 3 4s.

9! 4 0Ws, 1 2b, 1 3b, 1 3b+, 2 4b's (2gb and 4gb) In use as:

0w + pi cam: wunderground cam
0w with ir receiver/transmitter: network enabled remote control
2b: voicekit + nooelec nano 3 (headless) for playing around with SDR
3b and audioinjector sound card hat (headless): vinyl rips
3b+ (headless): nextjs webserver
4b 2g + 4tb drive (headless): file server/torrent box
4b 4gb - livingroom browsing / steamlink

We have a bunch. 5 pi 3s, either B or B+, a pi 4 4g, and 15 compute modules.

Personally just one, in my company at least 50 and growing

I've no idea why I keep buying them but each one has its own specialty. There's so much fun to be had with these little things

About 15, starting with gen 3, then a couple zero's, then 4's with max memory. One of the 4's with max memory is making a travel computer, not as convenient as Windows laptop, but lower cost if damaged, useful for simple stuff. Also a good gift for financially disadvantaged kids as a way to learn English and computers, 2 so far, I'll be buying more for this purpose. Mostly they are each, even the desktops, single purpose each.

I own two: pi-hole on a 3b and another 3b destined to become a firewall.

I've got 4,

2 zeros w's
1 four
and 1 3a+

A dozen of them.

A mixture of 3B and 3B+ and four zero W

None. And I am proud of it

I have 6 at this time.

2 Raspberry Pi 2B
2 Raspberry Pi 3B
1 Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB
1 TinkerBoard
2 Raspberry Pi Zero W

I have 4 raspi 4 4gb, a raspi 3 and 2 and zero

I have a Zero, a Zero W, and a 2GB Pi 4. The Zero is in my GPi, while I am saving my Zero W for a TV emulation setup unless the Pi 4 finally gets Retro Pi. Than I might give it to my niece to tinker with.

Old development Pi, current development, backup file server and two compute modules.



12 x Raspberry Pi with Motion Eye camera
1 x EmonPi - Open Energy Monitor
1 x Home Assistant
3 x RPi 3+ on stock
1 x RPi Zero W as Net Radio

12 x Raspberry Pi with Motion Eye camera
1 x EmonPi - Open Energy Monitor
1 x Home Assistant
3 x RPi 3+ on stock
1 x RPi Zero W as Net Radio

I've got about 20. Including an original model B. One of the first batch of 10,000 which I managed to get on release day all those years ago..

I have 27 Rpi, but still no Rpi 4. But I suppose it's just a matter of time...

Pi1b x 1
Pi2b x 2
Pi3 x 1
PiZero x 1
PiZeroW x 1

I have over 50, but then I do run a Raspberry Jam children's coding club. About half of my Pi's were purchased by me, the other half by donations. Mostly model 3s with the Pibow Coupé case which has the GPIO numbers etched on.

8 RPi
3 Banana Pi
1 Odroid XU4

I have 9 model 3's, 2 model 2's, and 8 of the first addition. Currently have the threes wired up in a distributed computing arrangement. Have 4 pi zero w's as well.

At least 13 across all variants? ... a minority actually in use

1@Octopi, 1@OSMC, 1@HomeAutomation... all Pi3's of various revisions.

4 more in the closet, mix of 2s and 3s... one has bad WiFi, think one doesn't boot at all... other two are probably good, a 2 and an early 3 I think. Then there's the 5 unused Zeros... various revisions.

My only 4 thus far is still on my desk intended as an upstream replacement for my Automation Pi. Currently intend for it to be a Pi4, 4x18650 UPS and m.2 storage stack but I'm considering ordering a ClusterHAT and adding 4 of the Zeros to that stack.

5... Two 1st Gen, one 2nd Gen, and two 3rd Gen.

I've got a few, 1 RPi 3B; 1 RPi 1A+; 1 RPi Zero; 1 RPi Zero W and 1 RPi 3A+.
Hope to be getting a couple of new ones soon like the RPi 2B, RPi Zero WH and RPi 3B+.
In future, hope to get all the model 4 varients.

I did have a full cluster of seven, but then thieves, and I finally got me another one… Stupid fucking thief’s…

Had a Pi 3 that died, and currently have a Pi 4

Pi1 B+
Pi2 B
Pi 3B and B+
Pi4 4gig

Orange pi zero
Banana pi m3

I have over 30 of them ranging from the original pi through the pi zero W and pi 4 using them for display controllers on 55” and up displays. Also for a pi hole, retro pi, and an “internet is down force a power reset for router and cable modem” for an elderly relative.

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