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Floppy disks

Nearly everyone still has a few old install disks sitting around. How old are yours?
How much do you comment your source code?

No matter what you think the "perfect amount" of code commenting is, let's agree that high-quality...
How strong are your programming skills?

Everybody's a critic, but today, we're asking you to evaluate yourself. How sharp are your...

With so many options to choose from, you can find a Java IDE to meet just about any preference.
What was your first programming language?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Where did your programming journey begin?
How many of your games run on Linux?

Gamer? Check. Linux user? Check. For years, one of the top excuses I heard from friends who would...
Does your software development team use scrum?

Is scrum a part of your team's project management workflow?
Do you prefer tabs or spaces?

What might seem like a trivial question to some, to those of us who live in code all day, the...