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It's been 28 years since the first Linux kernel was conceived. There have been several releases since 1991, so what's your favorite? Take our poll.
Gnomes in a window.

For the 22nd anniversary of GNOME, we asked our writers about their favorite release. Now we want to hear from you. Take our poll.
Person programming on a laptop on a building

When it comes to your preferred coding locale, are you a homebody or do you like to be out and about? Take our poll.
video editing dashboard

Do you learn more from flawless demos or ones the presenter de-bugs in real-time? Let us know by answering our poll.
Gift box opens with colors coming out

What was the best gift you received as a sysadmin? Take our poll and check out some gift ideas for Sysadmin Appreciation Day.
An old-fashioned video camera

If your typical workday was adapted for the big screen, what kind of movie would it be? Take our poll.
Various kitchenware items

When you're not at the computer, what are you up to? Gardening, hiking, home brewing, or something else? Take our poll.
illustration of snack foods

Take our poll plus get a snack recipe (the open source way).