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Do you prefer tabs or spaces?

What might seem like a trivial question to some, to those of us who live in code all day, the...
Real python in the graphic jungle

More and more people are getting started with Python. Are you one of them?
Penguin driving a car

With so many different choices available, there's sure to be a Linux desktop environment that meets...
What open source virtualization tools do you use?

When it comes to managing virtual machines , there is no shortage of open source tools out there to...
What was the speed of your first internet connection?

The internet is what brings us in the open source community together. How did you first get here?
Linux penguins

Of all the many questions you might ask an open source enthusiast, none may evoke quite the passionate response as asking which distribution they...
Which 'ancient' programming language do you use the most?

Programming languages never die, they just fade into obscurity. But some don't even do that. Which...

Do open standards matter to you when you are making software decisions, or do other factors weigh higher in your decision-making process?