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Take our poll. What time of day do you feel most productive with your programming?
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Recently, we published an article about why developers prefer to code at night. Author Matt Shealy highlighted the many benefits of nocturnal programming including the quiet time and space for creative thinking.

An optimal time of day to code is far from an absolute science. There is evidence to support we all work from a circadian rhythm, but that does not mean we all work on the same clock when it comes to productivity. 

There is, however, something to be said for taking a look at the psychology of attention. Jeanne Nakamura and Csíkszentmihályi's work that defines our common understanding of "flow" reads like an idea place to be while writing software whether it's system configuration, a new script, or the next great app.

“My mind isn’t wandering. I am not thinking of something else. I am totally involved in what I am doing. My body feels good. I don’t seem to hear anything. The world seems to be cut off from me. I am less aware of myself and my problems.”

We want to know what is true for you. When do you find your flow? Do you like to code at night? Or do you prefer to code when the sun is up? What time of day do you find yourself most in the zone?

Let us know in the comments when you feel most creative or in the zone. 


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I code at night because my day is filled with meetings and troubleshooting user requests on our app

Married, so cannot be too late; it disturbs my partner. So bed by midnight. Up at 4 am, till 6 am. Then after-lunch sleep (siesta) for an hour or two.
Now aged 70, retired Australian Capital Territory; no children, pets, etc.
Having a "normal" diurnal partner allows myself the freedom to be unavailable & off-peak at many hours, each day. Partner is normal enough (nags!)to remind me on food, drink, clothing, health, cleanliness, etc.

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