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Open Source Cheat Sheets

Use these free, downloadable PDF cheat sheets to speed your way through common tasks in a variety of common open source tools.


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ssh-cheat-sheet_200px.pngMarkdown Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet provides you with a solid baseline of common commands along with some of the most fun, and unique, rendering options specific to GitLab and GitHub.

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ssh-cheat-sheet_200px.pngBlender Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet focuses on the most commonly and frequently used hotkeys and mouse button presses, to help you get comfortably cruising along in Blender.

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ssh-cheat-sheet_200px.pngFreeDOS Cheat Sheet

Use this FreeDOS cheat sheet to help you remember how to use the most common tools you'll need to know at the DOS command line.

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ssh-cheat-sheet_200px.pngGroff Macros Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet lists how to use macros from three popular macro sets (me, ms and mm) to write papers and generate reports.

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ssh-cheat-sheet_200px.pngIRC Cheat Sheet

Whether you're a newcomer to IRC or an old pro, it's always helpful to have the commands you need at your fingertips.

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ssh-cheat-sheet_200px.pngPandoc Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet provides you with common options and handy syntax for frequently used conversions between all manner of digital formats with Pandoc.

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ssh-cheat-sheet_200px.pngSSH Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet provides common command-line options and their configuration file equivalents for using SSH in ways beyond just simple remote login.

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