What is your favorite music to listen to while coding?

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There is a song, artist, genre, and album for everything, whether you're trying to get in the zone or trying to zone out. When you're coding, what does your go-to playlist consist of? Does it mainly contain alternative rock songs with the perfect tempo for optimal productivity? Or do you prefer lyricless music, either classical or electronica, for the times you really need to focus? To balance out the more mundane tasks, do you shamelessly turn to sing-along pop to help pass the time? What tunes do you crave for a creativity boost? 

Share your favorite music for coding by taking our poll. If none of these artists represent music that gets your gears going, tell us what does in the comments.

While you're here, be sure to check out these open source music players.

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I like to listen to Trance music when I'm writing code or writing articles. You can also find Trance music as "running" music. The fast pace keeps me going, and the absence of lyrics helps me focus.

When I'm debugging code, I usually go for New Age music. It's slower and helps me take my time.

When I'm editing articles, I usually prefer silence.

I listen to WKNC or Synthetic FM a lot.

theclassicalstation.org, Celtic Woman, Ray Lynch, bond - in that order.

I listen to Trance/EDM (specially on Digitally Imported's website).

The silence: no music!

Bach Fugues for deep concentration.

Mozart Requiem for grumpy coding.

And when really fed up... a certain irish drinking song where the band expresses delight that the show is ending and wishes the splendid audience an unimpeded trip home.

Trance / Electronic / EDM

EDM or Classical Music


The Crystal Method (Vegas) or Propellerheads (Decks & Drums & Rock 'n' Roll)

Classical music preferably Vivaldi!

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