Alan has 20 years of IT experience, mostly in the Government and Financial sectors. He started as a Value Added Reseller before moving into Systems Engineering. Alan's background is in high-availability clustered apps. He wrote the 'Users and Groups' and 'Apache and the Web Stack' chapters in the Oracle Press/McGraw Hill 'Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration' book. He earned his Master of Science in Information Systems from George Mason University. Alan is a long-time proponent of Open Source Software.

Authored Content

computer screen

Use the lspci command to display devices and drivers on your Linux system.
Neon colorized Raspberry Pi cluster with LEGOs

Establish central control over your Raspberry Pis with Cockpit.
Raspberry Pi board Model B

Don't decommission that old Raspberry Pi just yet! This step-by-step guide shows how I set up my Raspberry Pi with the most minimal configuration to conserve precious system resources.
Tips and gears turning

Adapting to change was a major theme in 2020, and throughout all the turmoil, we could count on sysadmins to keep us up and running.

Contributed Content

30 years

The Linux kernel is turning 30 this year.
Person using a laptop

Members of the team stress-test five open source video-conferencing applications so you don't have to.
Person in a field of dandelions

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