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Our articles on audio and music include open source music players, software, instruments, and more.

Radio wave.

Learn how these stations run as a centrally managed network using Open Broadcaster.
Stereo radio with dials

Play your favorite internet radio stations—while keeping your personal data private—with PyRadio.
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Correct music tagging errors from the command line with this powerful open source utility.
Yellow and red record playing

In this installment of conversations with developers who build and maintain open source music players, we hear from Craig Drummond of Canata.
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The pyAudioProcessing library classifies audio into different categories and genres.
Colorful sound wave graph

Did you know you can build your own speaker systems? Muffsy creator shares how he got into making open audio hardware and why he started selling his designs to other DIYers.
Record player with an LP spinning

GogglesMM developer and maintainer shares the reasons he created an open source music player.
Music in an infinite loop.

From 3D-printed instruments to devices that pull sound out of the air, there are plenty of ways to create music with open hardware projects.