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video editing dashboard

This fork of Clementine is efficient, easy to install, and offers magnificent high-res audio sound...
How to connect your record player with the rest of your gear

Follow this step-by-step guide to build your own phono preamplifier using Muffsy's open source kit.
internet browser windows overlapping

Ah, so many file formats—especially audio and video ones—can make for fun times if you get a file...
Sound themes in Linux: What every user should know

Like all modern operating systems, Linux has a set of specifications for sound themes. Sound themes...
Solving one of the biggest problems facing digital music production

One of the biggest problems facing digital music and audio creation is high latency. Unlike...
3 open source music players for Linux

Learn about Museeks, LPlayer, and Elisa, three music players for the Linux desktop.
Building a DIY amp kit that's great for vinyl records

Learn how to put together the Muffsy phono head amplifier kit.
Bird singing and music notes

Rosegarden packs a robust musical notation editor into a fine audio production environment. Learn...