A funny thing happened on the way to Male oblivion

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If you happen to be in Madison or Chicago this month, you can see the end of a pair become the beginning of collaboration.

Jonathan Krohn and Benjamin Mjolsness had been creating electronica music together as Male for a while when they decided they had reached their natural closing. Instead of just calling it quits, they pulled together one last show and invited a lot of people in for a final recording.

But the album they made got noticed by an indie label, and now there's a followup album and tour.

> Read more about their story. (And thanks to madison.com's article for the title of this post.)

> Watch videos of the band on their site.

> Visit them on myspace.

Upcoming appearances

Saturday, Dec. 19
Project Lodge, 817 E. Johnson St., Madison, WI

Sunday, Dec. 20
Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue, Chicago, IL

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