Announcing the 2020 Community Awards winners

Thank you to all of our community members.
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Community awards

Every year, awards people from our community who have excelled in contributing and sharing stories with our community of authors and readers. These stories reflect how we use open source in our everyday lives, how it helps us build a better future with open technology, and how openness is changing the world. All authors in these lists are officially the People's Choice Award winners for 2020.

The methodology

This year, as our community celebrates its 10-year anniversary, we standardized on the concept that our community votes with its attention.

With that in mind, we took the top 10 categories by readership for 2020 (listed below) and listed the top 10 non-staff authors for each category. Note there may be fewer than ten authors per category due to multiple articles written by the same author. Authors are also eligible to be award winners in multiple categories.

Without further adieu (and in no particular order), here are your People's Choice Award winners of 2020.

Click on each winners' name to read more about them and see a collection of their articles.

2020 People's Choice Award for Python

Python grew in 2020 to be one of the most popular topics in our community. It's not surprising as we see more graphical ways to program in Python and as Python continues to be a strong language for data science. Whether a hobbyist developer or professional SRE, this 30-year-old language continues to be a great choice.

2020 People's Choice Award for Programming

In addition to Python, the entire category of programming continues to grow in our community. With articles ranging from C to Rust to computer science fundamentals, we continue to see readers enjoy learning about a wide array of languages.

2020 People's Choice Award for Bash

Bash continues to thrive as more readers are introduced to its wizardry or tune its advanced options. is sure to continue to be a $HOME for Bash enthusiasts.

2020 People's Choice Award for Linux

Linux is the most popular topic in our community, with new reasons to adopt the operating system coming out every year. Whether you're looking into its history, curious how exactly virtual filesystems work, or you're after a great Linux-friendly open source alternative, our community has you covered.

2020 People's Choice Award for CI/CD

Modern infrastructure is one of progressive development, and continuous integration and continuous deployment are at the heart of that concept. Read about how to get started, get hands-on with the most popular tools, or learn about the up-and-coming alternatives.

2020 People's Choice Award for Git

All the categories here rely on source code, and that code is largely checked into Git, the most widely adopted distributed version control software. In 2020, there were tons of great introductions to Git, examples of how large projects like GNOME use it, and advanced look at securely storing secrets in Git. There was also a fun exploration of how to spice up commit messages with emojis.

2020 People's Choice Award for Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the defacto standard for container orchestration, and its rise in popularity has grown proportionally to that fact. Our top articles include specific examples of why Kubernetes works well for bare-metal deployments and why data scientists love Kubernetes. If you're on the job hunt, check out these Kubernetes interview questions to make sure you're ready.

2020 People's Choice Award for Java

Consistently ranked as one of the top three most used programming languages in the world, Java continues to be an important topic for our community. The past year included detailed looks at developer syntax, like initializing an array, to Sysadmin considerations for the SE 11 removal of JNLP, and there are many more resources where that came from.

2020 People's Choice Award for Ansible

The mantra "automate all the things" rang true in 2020 as Ansible was used for documentation, manage ACLs, and bring peace to one home.

2020 People's Choice Award for DevOps

DevOps continues to be a space to learn both the practice of software development and the practical hands-on of some of its tooling. While we still can't buy DevOps, many are looking into a career transition from Sysadmin to DevOps Engineer.

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who voted through their regular readership, commenting, and sharing of our authors. Please join me in congratulating all of the award winners!

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