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St. Louis, MO

Taz Brown, is a Sr. Technical Scrum Master & Agile Expert at Cisco Systems as well as a Product Manager  working with DevOps and Software Development teams.  She is an avid writer and speaker with a diverse background in Scrum, Agile, digital product management, Linux systems engineering, management and deployment of DevOps solutions.  

She now focuses on making software development teams high performing through the practice of Scrum, XP, Kanban and other agile methodologies.  She truly believes in being a servant leader and mentoring, coaching, and facilitating with the ultimate purpose to create cross-functional, self-organizing, self-managed teams. 

She has more than 15 years of IT experience working with companies like MasterCard, Nestle Purina, Centurylink, Ameren, which have involved large scale infrastructure adoptions involving CI/CD pipeline implementations and implementing cloud solutions.

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Maybe I can add SaFe as a topic of an article of mine in the near future.