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A quickstart guide to Ansible

Download the Ansible Automation for SysAdmins guide.
Andrew Magill. CC BY 2.0

Check out the 2018 DevOps dirty dozen—the 12 most popular articles from the year.
Clouds above masonary job

Keep your browser from leaking your data with these privacy-focused tools.
Sea trials soldier crawling by DVIDSHUB

Many of the armed forces' colorful euphemisms are equally at home in DevOps.
Document sending

It's important to keep up with trends in this fast-paced world of technology.

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Gift box opens with colors coming out

What was the best gift you received as a sysadmin? Take our poll and check out some gift ideas for Sysadmin Appreciation Day.
Q and A letters

We asked the Opensource.com DevOps team to talk about their experience as DevOps introverts and to give DevOps extroverts some advice. Here are their answers.
Thank you

When #HugOps isn't enough to show your gratitude.
stack of books

This reading list includes uncommon books to fine-tune your DevOps practice.
Airplane flying with a globe background

System76 explains why the company will soon make its computers in Denver.