Alison Chaiken

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Mountain View, CA

Alison Chaiken is a software developer who rides bikes in Mountain View, CA. Her day job is creating a variant of Debian, the Universal Operating System, that runs on big semi-automated trucks for Peloton Technology. Alison has contributed upstream to u-boot, kernel, bazel and systemd, and she runs the 7-year-old, non-profit, 2900+-member Silicon Valley Automotive Open Source Group. She has worked for seven years on vehicle software, including a half year in Germany, and is in her fourth year of German study. Alison's formal education was in physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she was exposed to the then-new GPL and emacs.

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The idea of virtual filesystems appears to originate in a 1986 USENIX paper called "Vnodes: An Architecture for Multiple File System Types in Sun UNIX." You can find it at

Figure 1 looks remarkably like one of the diagrams I made. I thank my co-worker Sam Cramer for pointing this out. You can find the figure in the slides that accompany the talk at

Thanks for your kind words; I'm sorry to learn that the SCALE video is botched. Here at least are the slides:

I'd be happy to answer any questions.