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Victoria, BC Canada

Brent Aaron Reed is a pragmatic leader who has been involved at the forefront of technology and its application in bringing value to people. Brent strives for continuous improvement through education, awareness, collaboration and passion. Brent is certified in Microsoft, Security+, Agile & Disciplined Agile and many other frameworks and technologies. Brent is always in the forefront of new innovative technologies which are game changes:
- 1986 created software for handheld barcode computers and designed asset management platforms
- 1990 worked on and developed first multi-PC based fibre based network for supporting a major Telco for Texas Lottery
- 1994 designed the first known in Canada citywide wireless network spanning across the capital of the Yukon, connecting schools/biz to the internet
- 2001 designed the first known Chinese and multi-language back office & message-based server in Hong Kong and Asia for Cathay Pacific Airlines
- 2002 with his colleagues developed the first Common Use Self Service Kiosks (CUSS) &later introduced virtualization solutions to his company
- 2007 innovated developing "over the air" device mgt. software on a 4G platform using new hardware and standards with Intel and Motorola (WiMAX)
- 2009 designed with colleagues industry firsts in predictive analytical big data platforms at IBM as a Specialty Architect and Technical Ambassador
- 2013 Brent help deliver Heathrow A-CDM (Airport collaboration and Management) platform & introduced real-time centralized operational management and Business Intelligence solutions in the cloud, creating a long-term cloud first strategy and legacy for Heathrow

Brent with his Wife in Victoria, BC, continues to innovate with use of open source enterprise solutions, as the founder of Tactec Strategic Solutions Inc. where he is a certified disciplined practitioner and instructor, host of DevOps Victoria and North West, focused on Enterprise DevOps (eDevOps) and is currently working on a DevOp themed book to be released in 2019.

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Great article, very important piece to scaling DevOps and we are using this as a piece at our DevOps Victoria Canada Meetup, thanks so much, Ann Marie! I shall endeavour to get some feedback as well!

Thank you Marco, we appreciate the feedback!