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James Farrell

I am a long time UNIX system administrator and open source advocate. In recent years my primary focus as been on Linux & FreeBSD systems administration, networking, telecom, and SAN/storage management. I love building infrastructure, tying systems together, creating processes, and bringing people together in support of their technical efforts.

When I can, I try to contribute back to the open source projects either with patches, or by helping others in technical support forums.

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Great list, thanks! I'll have to pick them all up this year for sure.

ah the ][gs, I also had a ][c ... great times!
No scratch in those days. Lucky for me my school happened to have a 6502 assembler book I could use to crash my ][c out of basic and hand enter assembly opcodes for some real fun.

The did have a reasonable Logo back then that was also fun to play with.