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I am a long time UNIX system administrator and open source advocate. In recent years my primary focus as been on Linux & FreeBSD systems administration, networking, telecom, and SAN/storage management. I love building infrastructure, tying systems together, creating processes, and bringing people together in support of their technical efforts.

When I can, I try to contribute back to the open source projects either with patches, or by helping others in technical support forums.

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Does BlueSpice have the ability to manage users in groups and maintain tight control over what content the group can see? What is the granularity of control here?

Confluence can do this by limiting a group of users to a space. That works OK. It doesn't however allow individual access to pages in other spaces if the user is not authorized for the whole space.

I believe most of the utilities to get OS's to the SD card completely wipe them. With the raspberry pi imager, just use your card as-is, the selected image should just copy over with no other setup.

Let me know how it goes! I am sure you will have fun with it.