10 ways Ansible is for everyone

Expand your knowledge and skills with the top 10 Ansible articles plus five news summaries from 2020.
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Here we are again at the end of another year with a great set of articles about Ansible from Opensource.com. I thought it would be nice to review them in a series of progressively advancing topics. I hope to help stimulate the interest of people just getting started with Ansible. There were also a series of summary articles, which I've included for your casual follow-up.

Ansible for beginners

The first five articles on this year's list are a really good place for Ansible neophytes to start. The first three articles were written by Opensource.com editor Seth Kenlon.

Ansible projects to try

Once you have the basics and some good habits, it's time to turn to more specific topics with concrete examples.

Elevate your Ansible skills

Kubernetes is a hot topic these days, and the following articles offer some great examples to learn new skills.

Other Ansible news

This year, Mark Phillips delivered a series of "Ansible around the web" news articles covering a wide variety of Ansible topics. They are packed with links to interesting Ansible developments, ranging from basic tutorials, module writing, plugins, Kubernetes, video demonstrations, and Ansible community news. Check them all out—there are valuable nuggets to follow for all interests and skill levels!

Have a happy 2021!

I hope your personal journey with Ansible is already underway and regularly enriched by content from Opensource.com. Tell us in the comments what you might like to learn about Ansible in the coming year, and if you have information to share, please consider writing an article for Opensource.com.

James Farrell
I am a long time UNIX system administrator and open source advocate. In recent years my primary focus as been on Linux & FreeBSD systems administration, networking, telecom, and SAN/storage management. I love building infrastructure, tying systems together, creating processes, and bringing people together in support of their technical efforts.

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