Ansible 101 videos with Jeff Geerling, and more Ansible news

Ansible around the web: Edition nine.
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In this month's wander around the web, we've found articles on Ansible Runner, managing network interfaces, securing your Ansible Tower installations and a data scientist's analysis of how Collections was an inevitable path for Ansible. On YouTube, there were some great videos this month, including an Ansible 101 with Jeff Geerling. Enjoy!

If you spot an interesting Ansible story on your travels, please send us the link via Mark on Twitter, and the Ansible Community team will curate the best submissions.


A statistical viewpoint of how we got to Collections, networking, security and provisioning. A wide spectrum of topics for this month's reading:

Dial A for Ansible and R for Runner

Collections—The backlog view

Managing network interface states

How to mitigate the security risk of centralized management

Satellite and Ansible Tower integration part 2: Provisioning callbacks


Maybe the YouTubes will be even more popular next month? Readers, get recording your Ansible adventures to share with us all!

Ansible 101 with Jeff Geerling—episode 1

Ansible security automation: Incident response

Webinar: Best practices for running highly available PostgreSQL in production with Ansible Tower


Understandably, meetups were a little thin on the ground this month, but before we were all told to stay at home, Atlanta, Minneapolis and São Paulo managed to meet.

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Found something interesting you'd like us to share next month? Drop me a message on Twitter with the link, please!

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