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Ansible is a popular open source automation engine used to automate apps and IT infrastructure and run tasks including installing and configuring applications.

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Ansible is an open source automation tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples of last year's most popular Ansible tutorials and stories.
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Use these Ansible playbooks for an optimized Mycroft AI experience.
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YAML looks simple so why is it so hard to write? Learn the two secrets to YAML success.
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With anacron, I can drop scripts and Ansible playbooks into place for all manner of trivial tasks.
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You may have queried APIs with a web browser or curl, but one of the overlooked capabilities of Ansible is how well it can leverage APIs as part of any playbook.
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I try to use Ansible often, even for tasks that I know how to do with a shell script because I know that Ansible is easy to scale.
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The project is working to eliminate racism and other harmful prejudices from the project's code and community.
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Ancient remnants can create strange problems.