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Ansible is a popular open source automation engine used to automate apps and IT infrastructure and run tasks including installing and configuring applications.

Two diverse hands holding a globe

The project is working to eliminate racism and other harmful prejudices from the project's code and community.
Someone wearing a hardhat and carrying code

Ancient remnants can create strange problems.
Net catching 1s and 0s or data in the clouds

Structured data is friendly for automation, and you can take full advantage of it with Ansible.
UX design Mac computer with mobile and laptop

Learn how Ansible's new logos were developed with stakeholder input to ensure a consistent brand across the entire project.
People work on a computer server with devices

Name resolution and the ever-changing networking landscape.
Tips and gears turning

Get more efficient and avoid errors by automating repeatable daily tasks with Ansible.
Woman sitting in front of her computer

Try these strategies to find and vet collections of Ansible plugins and modules before you install them.
gears and lightbulb to represent innovation

Ansible's founder Michael DeHaan shares how his background led him to develop the IT automation software.