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Ansible is a popular open source automation engine used to automate apps and IT infrastructure and run tasks including installing and configuring applications.

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Testinfra is a powerful library for writing tests to verify an infrastructure's state. Coupled with Ansible and Nagios, it offers a simple solution to enforce infrastructure as code.
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Automating ACL management with Ansible's ACL module is a smart way to strengthen your security strategy.

In Ansible, the documentation is the playbook, so the documentation naturally evolves alongside the code
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New Kubespray features enable Kubernetes clusters to be deployed across next-generation edge locations.
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Try these tips and tricks to optimize Ansible and improve its speed and performance.
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Creating a culture of automation breaks down barriers and spurs innovation.
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Learn how and when to develop custom modules for Ansible.
A quickstart guide to Ansible

Download the Ansible Automation for SysAdmins guide.