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Greg DeKoenigsberg is the Vice President of Community for Ansible, where he leads the company's relationship with the broader open source community. Greg brings to Ansible over a decade of open source product and community leadership, with the majority of this time spent building and leading communities for open source leader Red Hat. While at Red Hat, Greg served in various community leadership roles, including senior community architect, leader of the Fedora project, chair of the first Fedora Project Board, and Red Hat community liaison with the One Laptop Per Child project. More recently, Greg led community and product efforts for open source cloud pioneer Eucalyptus Systems.

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DevOps for the people

I'm a big believer in stories, less of a believer in rhetorical questions. It's taken me a while, but I've learned to avoid the question, " What is DevOps?" Engaging in that…

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"...if you make it as easy as possible to obtain content that is as usable as possible and priced as reasonably as possible, then as many people as possible will make an effort to pay for it, rather than download it illegally for free."

Sure -- if you're Louis CK.

Here's the thing: if you have a singular talent, as Louis CK does, then you have all kinds of opportunities to monetize that talent, once you've built a killer brand around it. But remember: five years ago, no one had any idea who Louis CK was. Would he have made a million dollars doing this five years ago? Would he have even made a thousand dollars?

I guess I'm agreeing with your counterargument, with a twist. It's not that only the wealthiest artists can do this; maybe it's that only the most famous artists can do this.

Ask Brad Sucks whether he's making a living with his free music. I'd be curious to know these days (and I'm too lazy to look myself).