Tips for CI/CD pipelines and Windows users, and more Ansible news

Ansible around the web: Edition seven.
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Plumbing tubes in many directions

Bridging the old world and the new, this month we came across articles on VMware, Docker, and some helpful tips and tricks. And Ansible's own community data scientist, Greg Sutcliffe, has been crunching some more numbers to tell us about the global meetup scene.

If you spot an interesting Ansible story on your travels, please send us the link via Mark on Twitter, and the Ansible Community team will curate the best submissions.


An interesting collection of articles this month:

Data analysis on the Ansible community

Ansible to assist with Docker Swarm

Managing VMware virtual machines

Tips and tricks

More tips to make playbooks better


This month on the YouTubes:

Introduction to Ansible—hands-on

Simplifying the network with Ansible and Cumulus

CI/CD for Ansible playbooks and roles

Ansible Tower for Windows


A selection of the meetups that took place this month:

Down Under, Melbourne had a talk on LEMP stack provisioning.

In Paris, there were 107 RSVPs for three talks.

There was a large attendance for the Mumbai meetup.

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