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Ansible around the web: Edition five.
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November's wander-around-the-web has turned up some interesting Ansible stories. It's fascinating to explore Ansible development through data, as Greg Sutcliffe does in his blog linked below. On the YouTubes this month, we found a couple of really interesting talks. Read on to see them for yourself.

If you spot an interesting Ansible story on your travels, please send us the link via Mark on Twitter, and the Ansible Community team will curate the best submissions.


Data science, orchestration and Ansible configuration. An eclectic bunch huh?

Greg Sutcliffe, a data scientist on the Ansible Community team, has been taking a look at Ansible Modules Contribution Structure.

In Ansible, Nginx, Certbot, and EasyDNS on DigitalOcean, Doug Bridgens demonstrates Ansible as an orchestrator.

Keerthi Chinthaguntla wrote about Configuring Ansible to keep your installation secure and tidy.


On the YouTubes this month, we found interesting talks on security and using Ansible to simplify other tools:

How to install Ansible on RHEL8

Automating system compliance using Ansible.

Brian J. Atkisson gave a talk on Pulling the Puppet strings with Ansible at LISA19.


Atlanta, BernSwitzerland, and Vienna, Austria, saw like-minded folk gather this past month:

Atlanta had a post-AnsibleFest panel discussion.

Fifty-five people signed up for the second Bern meetup. Talks included IoT, Terraform+Ansible, and Ansible Collections.

At the Vienna meetup, 31 people signed up to listen to Ansible best practices.

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