PostgreSQL, managing Windows with Ansible, and more news |

PostgreSQL, managing Windows with Ansible, and more news

Ansible news from around the web: Edition two.

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In our second monthly Ansible Around The Web, we're sharing a smorgasbord of useful Ansible information for your delectation. Read on to find stories and videos relating to databases, security, VMware, Infoblox, and Windows!

If you find an interesting Ansible story on your travels, please send us the link via Mark on Twitter, and the Ansible Community team will curate the best submissions.

On with the show…


Databases, security and large-scale cultural challenges all feature in this month's curated articles:

PostgreSQL deployment and maintenance with Ansible

Ansible Vault: A primer

Adventures with Ansible: challenges, solutions and… Subversion?

Thoughts on restructuring the Ansible project


VMware, bastion hosts, DNS and what is this magicWindows SSH?! This month on the YouTubes:

A playlist of VMware automation scenarios

How to use bastion hosts with Ansible AWX/Tower

Autoscale Infoblox vNIOS on OpenStack with Ansible

Manage Windows like Linux via SSH using Ansible


A selection of the meetups that took place this month: 

Our own Tim Appnel gave a talk on the future of the Ansible ecosystem at the Minneapolis meetup.

The Atlanta meetup had a talk on Windows automation.

Rémi Verchère gave a talk on Ansible Tower at the third Ansible Marseille meetup. Slides en Français.

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