An Ansible reference guide, CI/CD with Ansible Tower and GitHub, and more news

Ansible news from around the web: Edition one.
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We’re always amazed to find and hear what people are achieving with Ansible. Naturally, we get lots of feedback from customers, but more often we find it is the community who pushes Ansible even further.

This then is the inaugural Ansible Around The Web post. We’re starting with a monthly edition, but hopefully, the frequency will increase. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for interesting content throughout the month, then share it with you here. We’d also like to ask for your help. If you spot an interesting Ansible story on your travels, please send us the link via Mark on Twitter, and the Ansible Community team will curate the best submissions.

Thanks for reading on, and we hope you find this useful.


A reference guide, VMware, Azure, debugging, and patching! We’ve found articles covering all manner of your creative approaches to using Ansible as "automation glue":

How to use Ansible: A reference guide by Erika Heidi

Ansible integration comes to Cloud Assembly!

Automating infrastructure deployments in the cloud with Ansible and Azure Pipelines

Deploying NetApp E-Series with Ansible

Of debugging Ansible Tower and underlying cloud images by Roland Wolters

A data-centric approach to patching systems with Ansible


We had a trawl through the YouTubes and found a couple of interesting videos:

CI/CD with Ansible Tower and GitHub by Keith Tenzer

Managing Jails with Ansible… on FreeBSD by Albert Dengg


A number of meetups happened around the world this past month, here is a small selection of them:

Ansible London had over 80 people turn up to listen to four talks. You can find the recordings on YouTube.

Ansible Durham saw Jeff Moore discuss Kubernetes and Ansible.

Found something interesting you’d like us to share next month? Drop me a message on Twitter with the link, please!

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