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Ansible around the web: Edition six.
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Crikey, you lot have been busy writing in December. We've got more data munging from Greg Sutcliffe; we've got writing modules for orchestrating security; we've got networks, containers and thoughts from a sysadmin. No YouTubes this month—we thought you'd have enough reading here with the articles. Enjoy!

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A busy month of writing, it would appear. Go, go, you bloggers:

Greg Sutcliffe has been sifting through the mountain of community data again. This month he's been visualising the community contributions to Ansible Modules.

Adam Miller has written a great article on how to write a security module for Ansible.

In making the most out of Ansible tasks change status, Lucas Patingre reminds us we don't just have to see Ansible tasks fail or succeed. We can be choosy about how we see changes.

Network engineer Ajay Chenampara's solution for inventories in a spreadsheet: Ansible Custom Inventory Plugin—a hands-on, quick start guide.

Erika Heidi has written another helpful guide: How to use Ansible to install and set up LEMP.

Long-time community contributor Jeff Geerling has written about how to run Ansible Tower or AWX in Kubernetes or OpenShift with the Tower Operator.

Get organized! Daniel Leite de Abreu shows us how to organize your SSH keys in AWS.

Shawn Powers shares a sysadmin's thoughts on using Ansible.


A selection of the meetups that took place this month:

Just missing the cutoff for last month's newsletter, the Ansible London meetup happened. Another popular turnout with 140 RSVPs. All the talks were recorded and posted on the meetup's YouTube channel, too.

135 people signed up for the Pune meetup.

Ansible Berlin was back after a long break. The group rolled out the fishbowl, too.

Happy person of the month

Found something interesting you'd like us to share next month? Drop me a message on Twitter with the link, please!

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