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Net catching 1s and 0s or data in the clouds

Service mesh provides benefits for development and operations in microservices environments.
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Empower your enterprise Java applications and your career with these three tools and frameworks.
Family learning and reading together at night in a room

With minimal investment of time and money, you can keep your kids safe online.
Tips and gears turning

These serverless applications development and deployment approaches are driving fast-adoption of the DevApps practice today.
Person drinking a hot drink at the computer

Avoid under-fetching and over-fetching data when retrieving data using REST APIs.

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Person in a field of dandelions

Top authors on have new levels of access, support, and exclusive opportunities.
A quickstart guide to Ansible

Download the Ansible Automation for SysAdmins guide.
gears and lightbulb to represent innovation

6 experts break down DevOps and the practices and philosophies key to making it work.
stack of books

This reading list includes uncommon books to fine-tune your DevOps practice.