Moshe Zadka

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Moshe sitting down, head slightly to the side. His t-shirt has Guardians of the Galaxy silhoutes against a background of sound visualization bars.
Belmont, CA

Moshe has been involved in the Linux community since 1998, helping in Linux "installation parties". He has been programming Python since 1999, and has contributed to the core Python interpreter. Moshe has been a DevOps/SRE since before those terms existed, caring deeply about software reliability, build reproducibility and other such things. He has worked in companies as small as three people and as big as tens of thousands -- usually some place around where software meets system administration.

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Watch command cheat sheet

Use the watch command to let you know when a task has been completed or a command has been executed. It's useful for many ad-hoc system administration tasks where you need to…

30 hidden gems in Python 3

Python 3 has been out since 2008, and it has had ten minor releases between 3.0 and 3.9. Each of those releases packed more features than most people know. Some of those are…

Jinja2 Cheat Sheet

Jinja2 is a web framework and language-agnostic templating language for Python. For many Python projects in need of a template language, Jinja2's easy API and accessible…

pip cheat sheet

The pip packaging tool is used to interact with third-party Python packages. This cheat sheet covers the information you'll need to use pip efficiently, including: Terminology…

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I recommend both!

MLP:FIM is an amazing show, and DevOps is a really important approach to developing and maintaining systems collaboratively.

You can configure black to do anything you like, as long as what you like is its default configuration.…