Moshe has been involved in the Linux community since 1998, helping in Linux "installation parties". He has been programming Python since 1999, and has contributed to the core Python interpreter. Moshe has been a DevOps/SRE since before those terms existed, caring deeply about software reliability, build reproducibility and other such things. He has worked in companies as small as three people and as big as tens of thousands -- usually some place around where software meets system administration.

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This year has been unprecedented in recent history, and Python has been in the thick of it.
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If your program takes a while to show results, avoid frustrating users by showing the progress it's making.
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Explore Python (and other programming languages) by writing a "guess the number" game.
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Whether you're just curious about Rust or looking to boost your Rust game, you'll find something of value in the top 10 Rust articles of 2020.
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Start programming with a simple game you can try in multiple languages.

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If you need to run a project that uses a Python version you don't have installed on macOS, try pyenv.
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Top authors on have new levels of access, support, and exclusive opportunities.