Guide: 6 surprising ways to use Jupyter

This Python-based software is more than a data-analysis tool. From editing images to creating a remote management console, this eBook covers a few of the most creative ways you can use Jupyter.

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eBook cover 6 surprising ways to use Jupyter

Jupyter offers interactive ways to write software with technology like JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook. This software is commonly used for data analysis, but what you might not know (and the Jupyter community didn’t expect) is how many things you can do with it. Written by Moshe Zadka, this eBook contains six unexpected and creative ways to use Jupyter, including how to:

  • Build an interactive video game
  • Create a presentation slide deck
  • Build a remote management console
  • Edit images
  • Teach Python
  • Analyze your calendar

This downloadable guide concludes with a JupyterLab cheat sheet.