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David Clinton

DAVID CLINTON is a system administrator, teacher, and writer. He has administered, written about, and created training material for many important technology subjects including Linux systems, cloud computing (AWS in particular), and container technologies like Docker.

He is the author of Manning's Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches and Linux in Action and the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Study Guide: Associate SAA-C01 Exam 2nd Edition from Wiley/Sybex. Many of his video training courses can be found on Pluralsight.com, and links to his other books on Linux administration, server virtualization, and learning technology can be found on his Bootstrap IT website.

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Yup. That does sound familiar. I think part of the problem is that there are a lot of cheap USB components out there and there's no easy way to tell them apart. Not to mention that we leave them around the house unlabelled for way too long. :)

My own introduction to Linux (way back in Ubuntu 7.10 times) was nearly derailed by an unreliable port on a cheap, unmanaged switch. I just couldn't get all of my thin clients booting from an LTSP server and I was just about ready to throw the whole Linux thing into a dumpster. That WOULD have been the wrong thing to do! :)