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woman on laptop sitting at the window

The Linux command line is known for being a productivity powerhouse. It's also a place to have some fun, too!
Working from home at a laptop

Happy New Year. Learn more about what topics we're interested in for 2022.
Women programming

Here are nine fun and inspiring stories about our community.
Gift box opens with colors coming out

From DIY projects to computers to books, this list provides gift suggestions that foster creativity, learning, and exploring.
Woman sitting in front of her laptop

We asked our community to share about a time they sat down and wrote code that truly made them proud.
Linux keys on the keyboard for a desktop computer

Open source enthusiasts weigh in on the Linux kernel modules they love.
Computer laptop in space

These 24 open source technologists share their programming origin stories.
Ceramic mug of tea or coffee with flowers and a book in front of a window

Members of the community share what books they are enjoying reading.