Katie Riker

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Westford, MA

Katie is a User Experience (UX) designer with 11+ years of experience working on B2B user experiences. She currently works at Red Hat and works on the Red Hat Insights product.

She is passionate about bringing people together to make excellent experiences for users.

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Thank you for sharing this experience! As a non-technical person who cares about open source it is great to see other routes to getting involved.

The organization and "people skills" in a community are often overlooked but they are crucial to the success of any project.

I'm a UX designer, and the sustainability of web design is something that is not spoken about nearly enough in our world! With the feeling like computing is cheap and engineering can work miracles, we can sometimes find ourselves falling into a trap of using things like animations as a "this looks cool" rather than a purely usability choice. Awareness of how this additional compute power affects the environment is something we should talk more about. Thank you for sharing!