rust_gpizero uses the Rust programming language to do physical computing on the Raspberry Pi.
Team communication, chat
Keep in touch with far-flung family, friends, and colleagues without sacrificing your privacy.
Filing papers and documents
Back up or sync your custom configurations across your systems by sharing dotfiles on GitLab or GitHub.
Mesh networking connected dots
Improve monitoring and tracing of cloud-native apps on a distributed networking system.
scrabble letters: "time for change"
Here's how to create a visible change process to support the community around an open source project.
Take a look at hardware and software options for building your own homelab.
Stepping away from the keyboard is key to being a better software engineer
7 tips for how to be a successful engineer.
old school calculator
Machine bias in artificial intelligence is a known and unavoidable problem—but it is not unmanageable.
a handshake
We often describe open organizations as places where people volunteer to take on new challenges. But what about the jobs no one wants to do?