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That image isn't quite true anymore. It was today, but now it's over. But if you missed it, you can still register here and view the archives. We'll tell you more tomorrow.

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Open Minded

Are the slides going to be available for download and/or the audio via podcast (ogg-cast?)?

I am listening to it, (missed the opening, listening to Dr David Upton) but some I want to be able to refer back to later.

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Open Source Sensei

You'll be able to log in and listen to the recorded presentations for a year from today.

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Open Source Sensei

Dr David Upton just spoke - really strong.
Option value - does your choice of IT allow you to add continual value to the business.
Continuous improvement - created great value for Japanese auto companies - is your IT set up for continuous improvement? "this plane is flaying".
We need technology that is:
Open Source naturally provides these elements.

Great stuff. Join if you get a chance:

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Open Minded

I caught most of his talk, and I knew I wanted to be able to review all the great information he included which was why I asked.

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Open Minded

This Forum has been very interesting to listen to. I hope there will be more like these in the future!

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Great show! Stellar lineup of presenters.
Format worked fine. We will be able to
revisit these as needed (and with all the
information presented there is good
reason to listen several times) and even
contact the stars themselves.

When is the next one? /°_°