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How open source is shaping the future of business and our lives

All Things Open conference interview series

The first All Things Open conference is this year in Raleigh, NC. The conference aims to explore open source and the open web in the enterprise. Prior to the event, interviewed some of the speakers: the top developers, technologists, and decision makers exploring and sharing how open source is shaping the future of business and our lives.

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This eBook is a collection of those interviews. They open up a free flow of information, of personal thoughts and perspectives, from some of the most important open source leaders in the industry. They run the companies that not only think outside the box, but are building something really special out there: communities, projects, products, and ideas that tackle and solve some of our greatest problems, from tech gadgets and development to business and healthcare.

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Copyright © 2014 Red Hat, Inc. All written content licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Articles included in this eBook

—  Tom Erickson of Acquia interviewed by Jason Hibbets

— Lee Congdon of Red Hat interviewed by Ginny Skalski

—  Jason Weathersby of Mozilla interviewed by Robin Muilwijk

— Chris DiBona of Google interviewed by Jodi Biddle

— Pat Huff of IBM interviewed by David Huff

— Chris Aniszczyk of Twitter interviewed by Weston Davis

Mike Milinkovich of Eclipse Foundation  interviewed by David Huff

— Greg DeKoeinsberg of Eucalyptus interviewed by Travis Kepley

— Chris Clark of SparkFun interviewed by Phil Shaprio

— John Mertic of SugarCRM interviewed by Jason Hibbets

— Andrew Hunt of The Pragmatic Bookshelf interviewed by Robin Muilwijk

— Hampton Catlin of Sass interviewed by Luis Ibanez

— Pam Chestek of Chestek Legal interviewed by Jen Wike

— John Adams of Red Hat interviewed by Jen Wike

— Jessica McKellar of Python interviewed by Lynn Root

— Carlos Souza of Envy Labs interviewed by Og Maciel

— Angie Bryon of Drupal interviewed by Jason Hibbets

— Steven Grandchamp of OpenLogic interviewed by Kendra Mack

— Jason Hibbets of interviewed by Jen Wike

— David Meyer of OpenDaylight Foundation interviewed by Ginny Skalski

— Joanne Rohde of Axial Exchange interviewed by Kelly Andrews

— Dave Stokes of MySQL interviewed by Robin Muilwijk


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