The Saylor Foundation Open Textbook Challenge

The Saylor Foundation Open Textbook Challenge
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Any professor who has written a textbook knows that it’s usually more a labor of love than a profitable venture.

Yet the average college student at a four-year public school spends over $1,000 on textbooks every year, according to the College Board. The Saylor Foundation believes these high costs are greatly impacting students’ access to education—with a reported 7 of 10 students who have avoided buying a textbook simply because of its cost.

So they’re offering $20,000 to professors and other textbook rights-holders, in exchange for setting certain textbooks free with a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC-BY) license.

The rest of us can get $250 just for posting a link to the challenge.

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Hum...that sounds like a good springboard for the development of Open Textbooks. Hopefully professors and other authors will seize the opportunity to increase college students access to textbooks.

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My plan would make higher education learning free without the need for technology. Just share textbooks through the local public library.