A time for change: Citizens empowered by open government

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Do you see government as an institution without much room for growth and change? The open source way is creating a path for citizens to become empowered and help their community make improvements where traditional methods have failed—through active participation, gained knowledge, and a two-way conversation with city officials.

Jason Hibbets, lead administrator for Red Hat's opensource.com, describes how initiatives like CityCamp Raleigh, Triangle Wiki, and MyRaleigh Subscriptions are the first few spokes in the Open Raleigh wheel. And great examples for others to follow in cities across the country where citizens, leaders, and officials hope to get more out of the local government process.

  • CityCamp Raleigh activates citizen ingenuity for those interested in technology. 
  • Triangle Wiki is Raleigh's local version of Wikipedia and runs on an open source platform.
  • MyRaleigh Subscriptions enable citizens to opt in to emails and learn more about the topics they are most interested in. 

YouTube video

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Open Minded


There's been a lot of work on civic participation over the years - a great resource is:

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Open Source Sensei

Thanks for sharing, that is a

Thanks for sharing, that is a great resource for open government.

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