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Download our free eBook: Open VoicesApplying open source principles to government

This is the soft launch in PDF form of this eBook that collects our best articles about open government initiatives from around the world. In them, our authors discuss the intersection of open source and government, with a special focus on the way municipalities adopt and release new technologies and cultivate open source communities.

Citizen-led movements for open voting, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request tracking, and even crowdsourced legislation, represent this growing trend. And our own Jason Hibbets has written a new book, The Foundation for an Open Source City, about how every city can adopt the basic principles of open government. He provides examples from his experiences in Raleigh, North Carolina, but the book also acts as a guide for other cities interested in open source.

So, as open source principles—participation, transparency, collaboration, sharing, meritocracy, community, and rapid prototyping—continue to have an enormous influence on government decision-making, we at will cover and share those stories. We encourage you to contact us with yours.

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bbehrens's picture
Open Source Sensei

Got my copy!

jhibbets's picture

Is this the first eBook we've done without your blood, sweat, and tears all over it?

bbehrens's picture
Open Source Sensei

Indeed it is—but I hope the working notes I left made bootstrapping this one all the more easier. It really looks great.

Ismael Olea's picture

Please publish epub/mobi format too.

jhibbets's picture

We have this on our to-do list. It's more about getting the time/resources to do this than not wanting to do get those formats available. We hope to have some additional bandwidth over the next few months to work on that part of this project.