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They're all gone! Thanks to everyone who requested a shirt. For those of you who didn't get one, you've still got a chance through our Twitter giveaway.

Tomorrow’s the first anniversary of, and it’s been a fantastic year, thanks to you. Whether it’s by writing articles or reading them and sharing the stories, you helped us highlight nearly 550 ways open source touches our businesses, education systems, governments, laws, and lives.

In celebration of this milestone, we're giving away special edition one-year anniversary t-shirts to registered members who ask for them. But we’ve got a limited number, so request one now.

Note: You must use the email address that you used to register with (And if you’re not a registered member yet, you’ll need to do that first.) We’ll also ask for your mailing address and t-shirt size, but only so we can get the shirt to you. You don’t have to worry about us selling the list or mail-spamming you.

Thanks again for a great 2010. Keep an eye on the site the rest of the week to hear about some new features, awards, and more.

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jules holden's picture

Size L please

scottsd's picture

Size: M please

kOoLiNuS's picture

... happy "birthday" and keep up the good work !!!

riccardo's picture

It will be mine, oh yes ..... it will be mine ;-)

Alvin Munsamy's picture

I love to have one please.

Alvin Munsamy's picture

L size for me Please

OSGrill... clearing the smoke's picture

You all know I'll just give it away to someone soon... I cannot help myself!

Chris Mitchell's picture

L or XL would be fine (L would go to my open-source-evangelising son, XL would go to me...)

Chris M

Fred Fichter's picture

the "L" size would be perfect !

Andy's picture

I'd like a meduim please.

kOoLiNuS's picture

Ehi guys! The comment section IS NOT the place where to place your reservation ... please check-out the provided link INSIDE the post ...

RTFM !!!!

Fred Fichter's picture

The "L" size, would be great !

Fred Fichter's picture

The "L" size, would be great !

Arjan's picture

I'd go for a XL plzs :)

Heider's picture

Hello and have a great 2011 also!

Ray's picture

Yes, I'd like that T-shirt please! XL for me.

Ray's picture

Yes, I'd like that T-shirt please! XL for me.

Unidentified's picture

Thanks a lot guys!

sreesudhirbp12's picture

Thank you Opensource...

~...well wisher...~'s picture

Cheers...!!! happy anniversary... keep up the spirit & continue doing such great job...

emilpricop's picture
Community Member

I would like to receive an XL t-shirt. Thanks!

Ray's picture

Good luck in 2011!

Jorge's picture

wow guys congratulation. i can't believe i've been a member for so long. keep up the good work

ojh's picture

And a new T-shirt is always a good idea :)

Chitauro's picture

Thank you open source i wish you success. My size for t-shirt is XL.


Jeffry Woods's picture

Good job, thanks for all the work you have done! Large please.

Umer Nalla's picture

nice one!
Small size please...

mihaia's picture
Community Member

Very nice, guys...go,go,go!!! :)
I'd like a M size, please...

naparmar's picture

I'd like a M size, please...

honeymak's picture
Open Enthusiast

let's go

jvector's picture

think there are going to be a lot of disappointed folks in this thread!

jbeam's picture

Love OpenSource

vinay kumar's picture

my size is... M ..please

wst3's picture

I'd like one - size XL...

Kyle M.'s picture

Love the mission, and naturally I love the thought of getting a cool shirt. You folks are too cool for words. Thanks for doing what you do!

pakzech's picture
Open Minded

Thank you.

anup.naik's picture

XXL (44) size tshirt for me too....



Ron Boulware's picture

XL Tshirt for me! I'll stay topless in anticipation!

Bill Andrus's picture

Happy First Anniversary!

Size 3X Tee, por favor...

GB's picture

I would looove to have a special edition t-shirt.
Happy first birthday!

Levi's picture

Happy birthday! I'd love to have one of those. Size XL please.

Unidentified's picture

The comments section is NOT, I repeat, NOT the place to request the T-shirt.

Reading Comprehension. It's not just a class in the 3rd grade...

suehle's picture

Don't forget to use the form to register! Leaving a comment (especially with an unregistered name) won't get you a shirt. :-)

GB's picture

Hi Ruth, where is this form you're referring to?
And can I turn off the constant emails with others registering? It was a mistake to leave the default checkmark in the square...
Thanks, GB

suehle's picture

It's the link in the post above that says "request one now."

I don't think that there's a way to turn off the comments after you've already checked that box, but I'll look around, and if I figure it out, I'll let you know.

suehle's picture

Hey, you're in luck. :-) Do you see a link under your comment that says "Edit"? If you click that, you can uncheck the comment notification box.

GB's picture

Thanks Ruth for trying. There is no edit option below any of my previous comments. That perhaps has something to do with the fact that I auto delete cookies after closing my browser. You're out of shirts now [I hope that will dry up the email flow], and no shirt for me even though I was an early riser... That link was not placed strategically at the best place. Perhaps on the second anniversary...

dstranatic's picture

and thanks for t-shirt :-)

Mihai's picture

Long live Open Source

jwilker2's picture
Community Member

Come and go from the site all the time and even archive the emails but didn't realize I had never 'Registered' until the t-shirt giveaway... Who can resist the allure of free?